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Maureen Riesco is a contemporary realism oil painter, specializing in paintings for animal and nature lovers. Her work is known for its engaging and cheerful colors and graphic design quality. Maureen's current focus is painting animals of all types; however her portfolio is very diverse, since she enjoys painting just about everything under the sun.

As an artist, Maureen is primarily self-taught but has taken drawing and painting courses whenever possible. She holds degrees in engineering and believes that her artistic passion and creativity are the same traits as those needed for technical design and innovation.  Having recently retired from her engineering career, she is now a full-time professional artist.


Maureen's artwork hangs in private homes around the country and in several Boulder and Denver public buildings. She has received numerous awards and has been represented by several Colorado art galleries.


  • Best of Show: 2014 LAA Bright Red Art Show

  • Best of Show: 2013 LAA Fall Members Art Show

  • Best of Oils: 2019 LAA Fall Members Art Show

  • 1st Place: 2017 LAA Mini Show

  • 1st Place: 2012 LAA Mini Show

  • 2nd Place: 2016 LAA Fall Members Art Show

  • 3rd Place: 2018 LAA Library Show

  • 3rd Place: 2017 LAA Library Show

  • 5rd Place: 2018 LAA Library Show

  • Artistic Achievement: 2020 LAA Spring Members Art Show

  • Honorable Mention: 2017 LAA Spring Members Art Show

  • Honorable Mention: 2014 LAA Spring Members Art Show

Gallery representations:

  • Creative Framing Art Gallery, Louisville, CO

  • R Gallery, Boulder, CO

  • Gallery 1505, Denver, CO

  • Mountain Living Studio Gallery, Manitou Springs, CO

  • La Veta Gallery on Main, La Veta, CO

  • Dona Laurita Gallery, Louisville, CO

Maureen is a member of Colorado's Louisville Art Association (LAA)

and the North Boulder (NoBo) Art District.